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Powersport of the Day (12/31/2017) @ $10,223 for NO RESERVE CHEVY GM DUNE BUGGY SANDRAIL PRERUNNER V

By ALL-Power | Monday, January 01, 2018 | Comments(0)

Tags: Powersport of the Day, VELOCITY

NO RESERVE NO RESERVE NO RESERVEBidding starts off at just 1 penny!!!!11 videos below!!! Why spend $35k plus for the same ol’ UTV, bid on this way better and definitely Awesome Velocity "Monster" sandrail. BRAND NEW CHEVY CRATE ECOTEC 2.2 liter fuel injected motor, 100% factory street legal! Yep!!!! I drive on the street! 17 digit factory VIN number. This is definitely ready for any terrain, including the Street, highway, freeway, mud, dirt, sand, snow, asphalt, woods and even back woods forest or hunting. This “Monster” will handle anything in its path! No 4x4 required. Features include, power steering, 20 inches of wheel travel, 4 newer tires with chrome wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, new twin CNC master cylinders, Nitrogen charged shocks with adjustable coil-overs, (smoother ride off-road vs UTV) removable steering wheel for easy access and to prevent theft, full windshield, full removable body panels, carbon fiber side mirrors with integrated turn signals, LED rear integrated turn signals, billet 180 degree rear view mirror, adjustable foot pedal assembly, and both extra wide drivers and passenger adjustable seats for any size driver. Plus these seats are 4 inches wider than standard seats and are super roomy and way more comfortable compared to any of the seats in the new utvs. Best of all it has a fully automatic CVT gearbox so no shifting, no clutch, just like all current UTV’s so anyone can drive it and you won’t need a trailer because you can drive it right to your destination because it’s street legal. In addition to all the upgrades, this buggy is built more stout than any of the standard or upgraded UTV’s today because these cars have ran and successfully completed the famous score series Baja 1000. Watch the second video for a comparison. Furthermore, the buggy has a horn, a polished gear selector assembly with drink holders, twin white Led interior lights, twin cool blue LED lights parking lights on dunes, driving lights, off-road lights, 5-point safety harnesses, 17 digit full factory VIN number for easy title, registration and insurance. Always turns heads and gets “Thumbs up” every time I drive it or get fuel. Super safe and way more fun than any new UTV or side by side, plus a smoother ride due to the long travel front end. Lastly, the body panels and front window do an excellent job of keeping the dust out and off your clothes and keeping you clean and visibility is greatly enhanced when driving off-road! You can easily add a turbo or supercharger for even more power if you dare but you won’t need it. One more thing, If you don’t like the “Green” you can remove all the body panels in less than 5 minutes and either repaint, powder coat, “Wrap” or best of all “bed liner/Rhino-Line” the panels to scratch proof them for less than you think. The brand New Chevy ecotec 2.2 liter motor is equipped with an hour meter and has less than 10.6 hours of TOTAL RUN TIME since new and installed. Probably less than 200 miles. This is mostly idle time and low speed run time to properly break in the motor since it still utilizes break-in oil as well. I changed the cvt gear oil, coolant, brake fluid and put in brand new battery the same time the new motor was installed so all match the hour meter exactly. If you are not familiar with the reliability of these GM/Chevy ecotecs motors, they are built to last and even Polaris uses them in their very own Polaris slingshot autocycle as I have one myself! They easily reach 200,000 miles. Utv Motors about 500 hours before rebuild and cost $5k. *If videos links don’t directly work, try highlighting them or search “mymini911” in YouTube search bar.Please watch at least the first and second for comparison vs UTV all shot in HD QUALITY https://youtu.be/SIwcq8_Iz0chttps://youtu.be/J9TL2cgQL-M Video comparison vs UTV’shttps://youtu.be/vmSJhDpU0Y4 https://youtu.be/90rz_OWXEYYhttps://youtu.be/_7PNiYldrDYhttps://youtu.be/7pPd67OWCXMhttps://youtu.be/paKZubxyEbkhttps://youtu.be/jIJ9cNn6BcYhttps://youtu.be/x0ctarDPge8https://youtu.be/w15JGdnGGYQhttps://youtu.be/RJW39jviSFw I gladly welcome and encourage all inspections and test drives on and off-road as well prior to bidding and or purchasing. If you cannot view the car personally, you can choose to hire any vehicle inspector/vehicle inspection report as well as any ASE Certified, technician or UTI certified graduate or anyone else of your choice prior to bidding and purchasing. Furthermore, if the buggy is NOT 100% accurately as described or shown in the video prior to bidding or purchasing, I WILL IMMEDIATELY REFUND 110% OF THE COST OF THE INSPECTION, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! YES! An extra 10%, just for your inconvenience. I believe in full disclosure and have nothing to hide. That is how confident I am in the overall condition and description of this one of a kind buggy. . TERMS OF SALE OVERVIEW: Attention Bidders, placing a bid on this auction constitutes YOUR acceptance of the following terms and conditions and YOUR acknowledgment that YOU have read and understand these terms and conditions and, further, that YOU AGREE to adhere to and be legally bound by them, regardless of any other waivers or disclaimers heretofore posted In addition, I have made every effort to represent said vehicle as accurately as possible and to the best of my knowledge at the time of listing as well as describe my vehicle through text descriptions and elaborate photos as well as high definition videos. Content is based upon inspection, research and or information provided by previous owner(s). Before placing any bid, please read the entire description thoroughly and view all pictures and videos shot in high definition. Please note: The seller shall not be responsible for any incorrect description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowances or set asides will be made on account of any incorrectness, imperfections, defects or damages. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected said vehicle and to have satisfied him/herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with said vehicle at the buyers request prior to the close of the sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs, restoration, or reconditioning on this vehicle and is SOLD AS IS WHERE IS.Contract terms: 1-14. Prospective bidding on this auction, YOU are entering into a legal and binding contract to purchase said vehicle as described above; 2. This contract to purchase the said vehicle shall be construed under the laws of the state of Arizona and furthermore, that the state courts in Arizona shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal action brought to enforce the terms of the purchase contract, and that venue shall be exclusively in the Superior Court, State of Arizona, in and for the County of Maricopa; 3. Non-paying bidders will not be tolerated in anyway PERIOD! If you are the highest bidder, YOU have entered into a legally binding contract to purchase the said vehicle YOU bid on. YOUR failure to pay the full purchase price will result in legal action being taken against YOU for the full purchase price of the said vehicle, the costs of advertising the vehicle on eBay or any other internet site, in addition to any and all costs associated with the auction, and the costs of relisting the car and any other costs associated with YOUR failure to pay the full purchase price, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and court costs, plus 5% interest fee. 4. The seller reserves the right to end this listing at any time, and/or for any reason without notice regardless whether or not the vehicle is no longer available for sale. Furthermore, I reserve the right to end this listing and sell the vehicle locally any time before the auction ends to anyone and or terminate the auction and or all bids prior to the auction ending without notice for any reason I deem. In addition, I do not accept nor tolerate bid retractions, period! If there are any bid retractions for any reason, I can terminate the auction and any bids solely for that reason and as well as void and nullify the auction after it has ended based solely for that reason only. Furthermore, I reserve the right to refuse the sale of the stated vehicle to the highest bidder or winning bidder at, during or after the auction due to any bid retractions or for any other reason I deem without explanation. In addition, the final sells price of the vehicle is not a guarantee of sale and must be approved by the seller regardless if the reserve is met or the car is sold without reserve. I the seller can refuse the sale of stated vehicle above as well because according to eBay Motors any sale of eBay Motors or real estate falls under the “non-binding contract policy” as stated on the eBay website. No exceptions. 5. This vehicle includes the same meaning as such vehicles including but not limited to trucks, cars, classic vehicles, hot rods, rat rods, show cars, trailer queens, custom vehicles, one of a kind vehicles, replicas vehicles, kit cars, motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles, sandrails, dune buggies, buggies, UTV's, side by sides and likes that is sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS," with no warranty either expressed or implied; as well as NO REFUNDS AND OR EXCHANGES PERIOD! 6. Classic and custom one of a kind vehicles are often over 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old and mechanical, electrical, operational, and other failures can and will occur at any time. All bidders are encouraged to have the cars inspected, at their own expense, BEFORE they bid! I will be happy to assist in arranging or facilitating the inspection of said vehicle. 7. Please note: I WILL NOT take any responsibility for the representations made about the said vehicle, including stated mileage and or accuracy of mileage. 8. I WILL NOT take responsibility for any vehicle that does not meet YOUR expectations including this one because every piece of description for a vehicle owned PRIOR TO ME is purely the opinion of PREVIOUS OWNER. I will, upon request by YOU, help to verify items and answer questions about the said vehicle BEFORE YOU BID. 9. I welcome and encourage all bidders, BEFORE they bid, to arrange for an inspection and appraisal of the said vehicle by a third party so that YOU, as the potential high bidder, feel secure in entering a legally binding contract to pay for said vehicle. The cost of such an appraisal or inspection is approximately $200 US and may be more depending on the nature and in-depth quality of the inspection and or appraisal. 10. I can assure you, YOUR vehicle, along with the associated clear title and paperwork from the current owner of the said vehicle, meaning myself, will be sent to you in a timely manner. Remember, the highest bidder has entered a legally binding contract to purchase this vehicle. To avoid having any legal action taken against you, YOU as the highest bidder, must take note and send a 500.00 US, non-refundable required deposit within 24 hours of the close of the auction to hold such vehicle. Furthermore, full further payment instructions require YOU to make FULL FURTHER PAYMENT WITHIN 72 hours of auctions end via "Cash" in person and or by "Wire transfer" only and YOU are legally bound to abide by this contract, unless otherwise noted and discussed prior to bidding. I will NOT accept "PayPal" for full payment and will ONLY accept "PayPal" for a no refundable deposit. 11. IF BOTH OF THESES REQUIREMENTS FAIL TO BE MET AND OR NOT SATISFIED TO MY LIKING, I CAN AND WILL SELL TO THE NEXT QUALIFYING BIDDER WITHOUT FAIL. 12. ALL out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, and local/city taxes-if applicable-as well as any other fees charged by the Department of Motor Vehicles in that state, such as but not limited to: title fees, registration fees, and smog certificates. 13. Buyer PAYS FOR ALL SHIPPING AND MUST PICKUP SAID VEHICLE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END and again is SOLD AS IS WHERE IS. NO EXCEPTIONS. 14. Both partie(s) agree that said vehicle will not leave the property of the current owner until funds have been paid in full and verified with bank(s).

Sold at: 12/31/2017 18:00
Sold Price:$10,223
# of Bids:56
Location:Phoenix, Arizona

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