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1970 EAGLE Amphibious ATV / like a coot

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Home | Archive | 12/19/2010 | 1970 EAGLE Amphibious ATV / like a coot

1970 EAGLE Amphibious ATV / like a coot

End Time:12/19/2010 14:35
Sold Price:$4,000
Listing Format:Chinese
Location:Huntsville, UT (84317)
For Sale By:Private seller


Year:1970VehicleTitle:Not available
VIN:Exterior Color:Orange


1970 Eagle Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle This is probably one of the most unique vehicles out there. I am the founder of the only Eagle club on the net (eagleowners on yahoo) and although I won’t say this is the “nicest” eagle I have ever seen since that is subjective, I will say this is the most highly modified one that exists to my knowledge. Of all the custom projects I have owned, cars trucks and motorcycles included, I get more stares and “wows” on this than all of them combined. I also always get questions so I’ll set this up in a Q & A format. What is that? This is a 1970 Eagle all-terrain and amphibious ATV. These were produced in 1970-1971. Only about 500 were made. So far I have only accounted for less than 30 still existing through my Eagle club. Original powerplant was a 12hp Tecumseh motor. It has 4WD and is capable of floating. There were many options available including a prop. It has 3 speeds….2 forward and 1 reverse. All steel and weighed around 1200 pounds new with no mods. It’s much bigger than a regular atv and can seat 4 people and tow a good sized trailer. It's really more of a small Jeep than a big atv. The 2 main body sections articulate (see pics). You can see that although the front section has climbed up onto a boulder and is on an extreme angle, the rear tub is flat with both tires on the ground giving awesome traction to all 4 tires. No limited slips...all 4 wheels drive and push you forward. This enables the Eagle to crawl over almost anything because the tires are always in contact with the ground. Isn’t that a Coot? No, it’s an Eagle. Coots were made for many years and in large numbers. The Eagle has the same basic idea as the Coot with a few improvements. First the Coot was full-time 4wd. That makes them a beast to turn on hard ground. The eagle has front axle disconnects which allow you to unlock 1 or both front wheels and use 2wd for trails that aren’t steep or rocky or for paved and gravel roads. Also the Eagle has a 5 gallon gas tank designed into the fiberglass “topper’ on the front tub. The coot had a small fuel tank mounted right over the exhaust (really!). The bodies are different but they did share some of the same motor and driveline stuff and both had articulating bodies. How fast does it go? Not very. This thing is all about gearing. It will go around 20mph on flat ground but you wouldn’t want it to go much faster because it has no suspension. The tires and the articulation of the bodies are what allow you to drive over uneven terrain. But these in no way “soak up the bumps” like a shock absorber type suspension does. This is designed for getting to your hunting spot, putting around the farm, rock crawling and crossing the occasional creek. It is a work horse and can haul heavy loads in the rear tub or pull a good sized trailer. What type of modifications have you done? TONS!! Replaced the original motor with a brand new Briggs Vanguard 16hp V-Twin with electric start. Installed brand new modern clutches (it has snowmobile type clutches) Installed brand new 31x11.5 Super Swamper TSL tires. Installed lower gearing to account for the taller than stock tires. Upgraded original headlights to newer xenon style that operate both low and high beam. Brand new Optima battery with custom built mounting tray. Custom K&N air intake system Installed Hella 500 driving lights Installed KC rear floods that can double as cargo lights. Installed brand new Warn 4000lb winch with remote. Installed rear tail lights 12v outlet for fans/heater /spotlight etc. Custom fitted New Grant Gt steering wheel. Installed Hella waterproof switch panel to house all switches. Fire extinguisher and mount 2 custom made roll cages with cargo racks. Front rack has rock protection built in under the front tub should you get into a tough spot. Rear rack has integrated Hi-Lift mount with included jack (painted to match of course!). Both roll cages are removable should you decide you want to take this out into a lake for extended water-time. Rear trailer hitch. Spare tire carrier with full size spare. Rear bed has been coated with bedliner. Front and Rear seats are freshly re-stuffed and recovered. Rear seats are removable if you want to carry cargo back there. mounting bar in the front cage to allow for a 4 point harness restraint installation. I have not mounted the harness yet but will include it. Does it float? Although I have not floated it myself, it is totally sound and rust free. If you were to use this a lot in water I would recommend removing the roll-cages, racks and spare tire to lighten it up. I built this as a rock crawler so I was more concerned with safety than weight. Any problems with it? NO. This was very solid with only minor surface rust when I acquired it. All rust was treated before being sealed. The fiberglass gas tank was notorious for clogging fuel lines. I removed, cleaned and sealed the tank so it won‘t ever be an issue. I have very few hours on this since completing it, probably only 3 or 4 hours just for shakedown runs. Everything works as it should. Why are you selling it? I have been building this for the last 3 years with intent to make a rock crawler out of it. I was planning on running the Rubicon Trail and hitting Moab. Recent health issues will prevent me from these goals so I would rather see someone end up with this that will use it for what I built it for. It will climb almost anything and I guarantee you won’t ever pass another one on the trail. Included is a bunch of extras like the original motor, 5 gallons of the special steam engine oil needed for the torque transmitters (which will probably last your lifetime), all the original owner manuals, repair manuals and other original sales information. I think I covered it all but feel free to ask any questions. FYI- I have a lot of money invested in this and don't plan to just give it away. If all the receipts were ever discovered by my wife I’d be single again. Just for the new parts alone I’m in over $2500, plus the original cost of the Eagle and labor. This is not for sale cheap so if you are looking for a steal this isn’t it. This is a complete rock crawler / ultimate hunting rig / outdoor adventure vehicle…… you just need to turn the key and go. 40 years young and ready for action. An absolute blast to drive…..you have to smile when driving this! Totally unique and the ultimate toy! ******You need to pick this up….on a trailer, it won’t fit in a pickup bed. If you need it shipped you need to arrange that. I’ll do my best on my end to get it to a shipper. for sale locally, I reserve the right to end this auction if reserve hasn't been met On Dec-15-10 at 08:03:55 PST, seller added the following information: After taking the Eagle out for a potential buyer I noticed that there is a small leak around the seal in the front torque transmitter where the axle shaft goes in. It is not major but I have ordered new seals and they will be included with the eagle. I have also lowered my reserve $200 to account for any time necessary to install them or payment to have it done.


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